The KubettONE Model – The B2B Sales Network

KubettONE, the B2B Sales Network exclusively developed by MeTMi, is a MultiChannel Marketing Model platform that integrates Web Marketing, Digital Marketing and Direct Email Marketing (DEM) activity as well as Trade Phone Calls.

It operates through open and constantly evolving tools, the dynamic support of the contact center, web and social media marketing, all in all intended to maximize the conversion of leads into business without missing any opportunity: “Closing the Circle”.

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KubettONE, the Multi-channel Marketing Model, is structered into 5 stages:

  • Selection of Activities belonging to the inteded Target from databases related to MMAS Census surveys (MMAS db)
  • Realease of a communication and/or promotion campaign on the platform
  • Transmission of DEM to Targeted names, launching the promotional message or campaign
  • Action via telephone to collect entries to the promotion, taking exclusively into account those activities having interacted with the promotional message
  • Recording of the contact on the CRM and subsequent handover of the generated lead to the corporate Sales Force for an appointment

KubettONE’s Potential as a Sales Network

KubettONE is an ideal model of communication with all Trade players, Small Business, SMEs (points of sale, artisans, professionals), thanks to which the Client Company is able to launch new products, foster initiatives and events, support their sales, reach and acquire new customers through targeted communication activities.

Within the same promotional campaign, messages can be tailored according to the profile of the targeted recipient, the relation with the Company (Clients and non-Clients) and the sales territory.

Furthermore, within the platform, the Trade actors wishing to get in touch with the Company shall find all useful references: point person, e-mail contact, on-line chat, skype ID, free-phone number.

Corporate Clients can refine and enhance their communication thanks to the support of our contact center, thus converting the leads generated on the kubettONE platform into real business opportunities.

Finally, depending on the Client Company commercial strategies, KubettONE may turn into:

  • A vigorous support to the canvass of the sales network, which is assisted in identifying and acquiring new Clients
  • As well as an instrument enabling the Company to convey all promotional messages and contents directly to Trade actors, in a uniform, constant and capillary way.