MMAS Academy: Training and long life learning as a Strategy to Tackle the Future Market

The MMAS Business Unit of MeTMi annually gives life to some events dedicated to Corporate Clients.

There are two types of events organized by the MMAS Academy:

  • MMAS Experience – The MMAS Experience is a one-day work experience dedicated to junior Sales Managers or District Managers.
    During these sessions, some practical exercises on how to use the MMAS system and its applications are held, with insights on aspects related to:

    • Features and mode of use of the MMAS gis Geo-Marketing platform
    • Planning and simulation of the sales organisation, through Zone Analysis tools
    • Business Intelligence Models for the assessment of the sales networks performance
    • Usage and development of a marketing campaign through the platform
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  • MMAS Academy – The MMAS Academy is the biennial event devoted to General, Business, Marketing and Sales Directors and to prospects for MMAS Business Unit.
    Conducted in the form of a round table, it proposes a debate on a topical issue, with interventions of speakers from different product sectors. The discussion is coordinated by a moderator and it takes a cue from the results of a survey previously carried out by MeTMi on the same companies invited.
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