The first MMAS HealthCare Census was carried out in 1995, thanks to a project shared with some companies interested in investigating the market to identify those pharmacies with specialized areas and staff.

Despite the numerous investigations available on the market, the MMAS Census Pharmacies is the sole to include information gathered through a selective on-to-one interview addressed to every single pharmacy.

Notably, the data contained in the MMAS Census Pharmacies represent a reference for the measuring of the pharma and parapharmacy market; all information provided is accurate, validated, punctual and highly customizable for various market segments.

In subsequent years, MMAS Healthcare Census was integrated with additional databases as, for instance: MMAS Census Opticians, MMAS Census Parapharmacies, MMAS Census Hospitals and Residential care.

MMAS databases relative to this segment are normally attractive for Manufacturers of: OTC and Non-Prescription products, Cosmetics and Cosmeceutics, Paediatric and Childcare products, Herbal Medicine, Phytotherapy, Homeopathy, Orthopedics, Oral Care products, Parapharmacy articles, Veterinary drugs, Nutraceuticals, Eye and Optical products, Hospital equipment.

Owing to the vertical nature of each database, the information gathered during MMAS HealthCare Census surveys is very articulate and specialized, often changing over time according to the needs of the Client Companies.


  • In MMAS Pharmacy and MMAS Parapharmacy databases, the following information may be found, relative to each activity: number of employees, store sqm., warehouse sqm., presence of qualified personnel (cosmetics, nutrition, herbal medicine, hair) including the availability of additional services for customers (analysis)
  • As regards to Opticians, all gathered information is aimed at defining: the type of offer to customers, number of staff, activity sqm., main Brands used with respect to ophthalmic lenses, contact lenses and liquids, frames and optical articles
  • As concerns the MMAS Hospital and Residential Care channel, the information collected comprises: clinical specializations and related departments, names of the Chiefs and head nurses for special medical services, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of the departments.

All these details are useful to generate Trade Potential Indicators (in weighted form and in euro value) by territory and by product category, as well as to design and create punctual, targeted new business actions.

Within this sector, numerous significant case histories can be counted, throughout which our Client Companies have been formulating: focused marketing and sales actions, market research and area-based development strategies, localization of potential new markets, assessment of their customers and of their adherence to the adequate target for the product, balancing and re-organising the sales network or distribution mandates.

The Product Sector includes the following census surveys:

  • MMAS Pharmacies (n° 18.000)
  • MMAS Opticians (n° 11.600)
  • MMAS Parapharmacies (n° 3.600)
  • MMAS Hospitals and Residential Care (n° 1.100)
  • Contact:
  • Phone: +39 02 38073 612