The MMAS System (Micro Marketing Analysis System) is a Business model that, comparing Data owned by the Companies (e.g. Sales Distribution Data) with Market Figures coming from MMAS Census surveys, ensures:

  • Business Intelligence Analysis
  • Market Analysis and Research
  • Planning of Trade and Communication Strategies
  • Layout and Organisation of the Sales Force
  • Commercial Actions throughout the territory
  • GeoMarketing
The MMAS System is a Business model that, comparing Data owned by Companies with Market Figures coming from #MMASCensuses, ensures: #BI; Market Research; #SalesStrategies; #SalesForce Organisation; #GeoMarketing Click To Tweet

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The MMAS System is comprised of:

  • MMAS db – In-depth knowledge of the Normal Trade: sectors databases where the fact sheets of each profiled business (Trade and Professionals) are stored
  • MMAS gis – MMAS gis Platform for GeoMarketing
  • KubettONE – B2B Sales Network
  • MMAS bi models – MicroMarketing e GeoMarketing for the assessment of sales performance throughout the territory: MMAS Business Intelligence Models
  • MMAS insight research – Market knowledge through MMAS insight research