The Food Service sector currently contains two Census surveys: MMAS Pastry Shops and Ice cream Shops and MMAS Bakeries (Shop, Stores and Laboratories).

Carried out for the first time in 2005, for its scope and wealth of information, the MMAS Census Pastry Shops and Ice-cream Parlours is, at present, the reference database for operators in the sector.

It is used both by companies dealing with semi-finished products at large, in addition to chocolate for the Artisan Production segments (pastries and ice-cream makers) and by companies dealing with resale of packaged goods (confectionary products, chocolate).

Similarly, MMAS Census Bakeries, including both laboratories and retail outlets, responds to the need of identifying the number and categorization of handicraft and commercial activities in the territory by exploring two business lines: semi-finished products (e.g. improvement agents) and resale items.

Every MMAS Census, in addition to specific classification information (i.e. the actual activities carried out in the business) features a basic structure collecting quantum-qualitative details, such as:

  • Artisan activity: number of staff, laboratory sqm., number of ovens and whippers
  • Resale outlet: number of staff, shop sqm., number of customers, average municipal income

The Potential Index has been calibrated for every single segment: pastry production, ice-cream production and resale outlet, in such a way that enables the Client Companies to properly weigh prospects and target their sales & marketing actions in a neat way.

Our data, unique in the industry, are often capitalized to provide international headquarters with highlights on the Italian market in terms of coverage, number, quotas and other indicators. Moreover, they are an ad-hoc tool to feed CRM databases and also for the targeted support to the sales force action.

In all Census surveys, data concerning treated/sold brands and figures are gathered, which allow to calculate the numeric and weighted Penetration of the Brand, the Market Share and the Share of Wallet.

MMAS Census 4-5 Star Hotels, created in 2013, is a cross-sectional survey on the Food Service market, in which we have expanded our attention by outlining the presence of indoor kitchen, a target on which companies set up focused business insights (products for breakfast, lunch/dinner and for events held in the hotel, equipment, beverage and much else).

Among the case histories, numerous business intelligence applications in the pastry and ice-cream shop sector, aimed at re-allocating areas and at maximizing the efficiency of the direct and indirect sales network.

The analysis of the Cafe, Grocer and Delicatessen channels is at a design stage.
Each Census of the Food Service field is updated half-yearly for a quarter of the channel universe, through phone interviews with Revolving Panel method.

This Area includes the following census surveys:

  • MMAS Pastry Shops and Ice Cream Parlours (n° 21.500)
  • MMAS Bakeries: Shop, Stores and Laboratories (n° 15.000)
  • Contact:
  • Phone: +39 02 38073 146