MMAS Garden and MMAS Pet Shop Census surveys were introduced in the year 2012, upon request of Corporate Customers operating in markets such as seed, chemicals for agriculture and gardening, nutrition/protection of domestic animals and, more broadly, articles concerning Pet care.

The MMAS database related to this census includes both independent stores and shops belonging to small chains, meeting the need of sector companies to map this category in number and characteristics.

Each store was interviewed and qualified, thus obtaining a potential indicator calculated on the basis of structural elements, carefully selected and pondered to reflect the business of p.o.s. for each category considered.

Below are the chief application areas of databases relative to MMAS Garden & Pet Shop Census surveys:

  • Enter into trade initiatives with higher economic margins compared to those obtained in the GDO channel and in the Specialized Distribution
  • Develop brand awareness and image in a distinctive way
  • Optimize coverage in order to ensure proximity/service to the end consumer
  • Leverage on the informative role and level of competence of the point of sale
  • Every Census includes the very category specifications of the actual activity performed, which allows the first real segmentation of the Target.

The survey has paid particular attention to the propagation and usage patterns of e-commerce platforms and digital channels at large.

In addition, data were also gathered on the brands treated/sold for specific product categories, thus enabling to calculate the numeric and weighted penetration of the Brand, as well as the Market Share and the Share of Wallet.

MMAS Census surveys have countless applications, among others the correct identification of precise targets on which to implement actions of lead generation aimed at boosting the sales.

The two Census Surveys, MMAS Garden and MMAS Pet Shop, show overlapping areas, particularly as regards Pet articles that are often dealt with in both channels.

The Product Sector includes the following census surveys:

  • MMAS Pet Shops (n° 3.900)
  • MMAS Gardening Shops (n° 5.700)
  • Contact:
  • Phone: +39 02 38073 146