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MMAS db – The punctual knowledge of the Normal Trade (SMEs)

The entire value of the MMAS system (Micro Marketing Analysis System) and of its applications originates from its sector databases, where the fact sheets of each surveyed activity are stored – the Trade Market and Professionals.

As a matter of fact, the Micro Marketing Analysis System uses the Census as its model, a census built on surveys carried out for each opeator in the Trade market (point of sale, artisan, professional) and implemented on the totality of the known universe, not by mere sampling.

Surveys are performed one by one with the owners or the people in charge of every single activity, providing a unique amount of information in terms of capillarity of analysis.

Each MMAS database is updated biannually, through telephone interviews with a rotating panel equal to a fourth of the target universe (Revolving Panel), which ensures continuity and homogeneity in the collection of data, while allowing constant improvement and extending the scope of the research.

Such an approach offers more opportunities in terms of promptness in the traceability of market phenomena and in terms of rapidity in Trade monitoring by companies, which may require the introduction of ad-hoc questions to check conditions of particular interest.

The accuracy of the the gathered information, besides providing the profile of each operator, ensures channel-specific segmentation and highlights those macro-phenomena (namely performance by local areas, diversification in sales, localization of new sales points), on the basis of which trends in the market can be monitored and interpreted.

Data subject to SMEs’ Census

MMAS Census surveys originate from a database of sales points, obtained on the market through list brokers or alternatively, from databases shared with Corporate Clients.

The focal point in the creation of each MMAS Census lies in the certification and timely qualification of the single record information related to the specific Market channel: this is done in 100% of cases through a call in which a follow-up interview with a structured questionnaire is proposed (75% of average redemption), as well as through systematic web-desk research activities.

The main data collected are divided into:

  • Quantitative (for instance: Staff N°, N° of Shop Windows, Shop sqm., sqm. for Storage, presence of outside shopping areas)
  • Qualitative (for instance: services provided, products treated, type of clientele, purchasing channels)
  • Brand (in some contexts and on certain categories of products, the names of the brands treated or suggested are requested, so as to survey entire product families)

MMAS Census surveys provide data on the level of computerization, use of the Internet and Social Networks by the interviewed Trade actors and Professionals.

Owing to its unique half-yearly updating, the MMAS model ensures the introduction of ad-hoc questions to identify specific phenomena and requirements of the surveyed channels.

The MMAS Potential

MMAS Potential is a Trade Indicator which is calculated for any individual list and availble in the database of MMAS channel Census.

It is elaborated through algorithms based on the quantitative information gathered and provided in a standard or customized form, depending on the needs of the Client Company.

MMAS Potential is useful to marketing and commercial strategies and allows to:

  • Determine the Potential Ratio (commercial relevance) for each point of sale, placing them in ABC curve
  • Segment the channel based on parameters serving the requirements of each Contractor in order to determine – for instance – specific Targets on which to conduct focused operations
  • Consider the features of individual commercial areas (agents’ mandates/sellers and dealers areas) in order to: Understand their strengths and weaknesses ; Ascertain their potential; Determine sales Targets.

The Customization of MMAS db

One of the significant peculiarities of MMAS db is its capacity to easily integrate, in its standard structure, several specific custom elements for each single Client Company: which makes it a highly-customized tool.

Crucial to the success of this activity is the file matching (comparing two files of data: one representing the Client Company’s customer base and the second one, the MMAS file, representing the channel universe). Such operation involves the presence of specific software and tools, in addition to a professional expertise that is acquired over time.

MeTMi boasts personnel with specific skills, devoted to this function, capable of normalizing and comparing thousands of lists per day.

The file matching ensures to:

  • Introduce data owned by the Client Company
  • Identify items not closely belonging to the channel or no longer active (for example for ceased activity – Data Cleaning)
  • Enhance company assets, classifying, updating and profiling them
  • Increase the efficiency of marketing files and customer base

In short, it enables to create or integrate operational CRM db in a significant way, enriching them with data relating to prospect clients and their trade potential.

Macro Area Product Sectors and Surveyed Market Channels

MMAS db Italy are available for the following channels:

  • Gardening & Pet Shops
  • Hosplitality
  • HealthCare (Pharmacies, Para-pharmacies, Hospitals, Optical Shops, Residential Care, Vet Practices, Dental Clinics)
  • Food Service (Pastry Shops, Ice-cream Parlours, Bakeries)
  • Beauty (Hairstylists, Perfume Stores, Beauty Salons)
  • Technical Market (Thermohydraulic Installers, Electricians, Hardware and Tooling Shops, Construction material Wholesalers, hydrothermal sanitary Wholesalers and Showrooms, Dealer Professional Cleaning, Architectural Firms)
  • Automotive Aftermarket (Garages, Heavy-vehicle Garages, Auto-parts Stores, Coachbuilders).

MMAS db Spain are available for the following channels:

  • HealthCare (Pharmacies, Optical Shops)
    • Automotive Aftermarket (Paint and Body Shops, Garages)
    • Technical market (Hardware Shops, Archietectural Firms, Real Estate Developers)
    • Beauty (Hairstylists)
    • Food Service (Pastry Shops and Ice-cream Parlours)

MMAS db Portugal are available for the following channels:

  • Automotive Aftermarket (Repair shops and Coachbuilders)