Automotive Aftermarket is one of the historical markets in which MeTMi has been operating for years through the MMAS System – Micro Marketing Analysis System.

The experience earned qualifies a significant number of case histories in several application fields: automakers, component producers, manufacturers of lubricants, car refinishing industry, distributors, wholesalers and sector service providers.

MMAS Automotive Aftermarket Census surveys are now enjoying their 14th complete edition, with an integration of all Activities related to the Garage channel, Auto-parts Store Channel and, from 2005 onwards, to the Coachbuilder channel as well.

More specifically:

  • The channel Garages comprises independent workshops, those affiliated to Networks, Authorized service stations and workshops inside Car Dealers. As it is customary for MMAS Census studies, each Activity has been asked to fulfill a survey questionnaire with quantitative (e.g. number of workers and sqm. of Workshop) and qualitative (e.g. banner, services provided, brand of used components) information relative to the structure
  • The channel Auto-parts Stores includes retail outlets of components, distributors, wholesalers and mixed activities. As in the above case, for each Activity, information on the organization (e.g. number of workers, sqm. of warehouse, n° of sales agents) and the brands treated was collected
  • The channel Coachbuilders encloses all workshops specialized in bodywork, with their number of color tincture machines and coating brands used.

In addition, for some years now, also Workshops specialized in Heavy Vehicles have been surveyed, of which structural data (e.g. operational staff number) and quality data, such as their membership in authorized or builder Networks, have been gathered.

Below are some application areas of databases relating to MMAS Automotive Aftermarket Census surveys:

  • Support and boost the new business of distributors by providing them ABD lists of prospect workshops
  • Analyze market share for different product categories, both nationally and by area
  • Determine the potential purchase value of the workshop / auto-parts store (both in euro and by quantity)
  • Identify and communicate directly with the end user (installation expert)
  • Supervise the territories to safeguard the original spare part or, otherwise, to promote the equivalent replacement brand.

The Product Sector includes the following census surveys:

  • MMAS Garages (n° 36.400)
  • MMAS Heavy Vehicle and Commercial Vehicle Garages  (n° 2.100)
  • MMAS Auto-parts Stores, Car Body Repair Shops (n° 5.300)
  • MMAS Coachbuilders (n° 15.400)
  • Contact:
  • Phone: +39 02 38073 146