Being among the first to be implemented by MeTMi back in the early ’90s, MMAS Beauty Census Surveys undoubtedly represent, for some distribution channels, the most significant reference pattern and universe for sector companies.

On the whole, the sphere of investigation of this sector ranges from Hairdressing to Perfumery and Aesthetics, involving altogether more than 100,000 specialized operators in the study (mostly artisans or retailers).

The companies traditionally interested in MMAS databases of this segment are: cosmetics producers, manufacturers of equipment and accessories for hairdressing and beauty salons, training and software companies dedicated to these professional categories.

The studied areas and the categories of information gathered during MMAS Beauty Census surveys have a very specialized and vertical imprint, varying in scope.

Broadly speaking:

  • In the database pertaining to the channel Hairdressing salons, great importance is attached to data such as: type of activity (woman, man, unisex or barber), number of personnel, shop sqm, location of the shop, additional services offered to customers (manicure, make-up, nails, aesthetics, etc.), main Brands for staining and other treatments
  • In the MMAS channel Beauty Parlors, emphasis is placed on information relating to: treatments offered to customers, number of cabins for massages/beauty treatments, number of personnel, shop sqm., chief brands used in body and face treatments, availability of specific treatment equipment
  • In the MMAS Perfumery channel, the primary focus is on information of a commercial nature, such as: chain membership and type, number of staff, square meters of exhibition space, sqm. for storage, top of mind Brands for face care and for the fragrance.

The whole of these details are useful for the creation of Trade Potential Indicators, crucial for assessing the presence of competitors in the individual sales territories, in addition to design and create substantial and focused new business actions.

A valid example, increasing the strategic value and operational power of MMAS Beauty Census surveys, is represented by the Sell IN Italian hairstyle Panel, which has been implemented since 1997, originally within Marketing & Telematica and then within MeTMi, on behalf of the leading manufacturers in the Hairstyle professional channel.

It is a market study aimed at providing monthly trends in sales of professional products, both on the channel level and at the product category level.

Through the correlation between precise data coming from the MMAS Census Hairdressing salons and the market value provided through the Sell IN Panel, the MMAS System has generated an indicator defining the estimated purchasing power per salon in terms of sell in, with consequent market sizing by category and territory.

The Product Sector includes the following census surveys:

  • MMAS Beauty Salons, Cosmetic Treatments Shops (n° 15.500)
  • MMAS Perfume Stores (n° 10.500)
  • MMAS Hairdressing Salons (n° 64.500)
  • MMAS Hairdressing Schools (n°600)
  • Contact:
  • Phone: +39 02 38073 612