The MMAS gis Platform for GeoMarketing

MMAS gis – Geographic Information System – is the GeoMarketing proprietary platform directly formulated by MeTMi, through which the Corporate Client operates with a marketing approach utilising geo-referenced information related to the territory (e.g. Satellite Maps).

The consultation of MMAS Census Surveys and of all data within them is enhanced by the usage of the MMAS gis platform, a user-friendly tool, accessible through credentials from the web, enabling the user to:

  • Select a territory of interest
  • Display information db of the specific MMAS Census
  • Filter the intended Target based on the available parameters
  • Consult and print the tab of individual points of sale
  • Export in Excel the Target details
  • Examine the competitive terms among brands in a single territory

The MMAS gis platform has a multi-user access (each Company has the opportunity to configure custom access, such as for Area Manager, Sales Department, Sales Agent).

Territorial Selection

The approach with the MMAS gis platform primarly involves the selection on cartography of the aimed territory (Territorial Selection) that may consist of several territorial units: Regions, Provinces, Municipalities and Postal Codes, which may be combined together where appropriate.

Specification of a territory concerning a definite MMAS Census allows the extraction of Master data checklists.

Filters and Combinations (Parameters, Potential, Services, Brands)

Once the territory has been defined and all the details available in it have been displayed, the MMAS gis platform ensures the application of selection filters that may be singled out from one or more types of data among quantitative and qualitative parameters and brands; in case of a customization, also from information owned by the Client Company, properly included prior to file matching with MMAS database.

A further kind of analysys consists in the aggregate-form display, by territory, of one option among the following data categories: quantitative, qualitative, brand, but primarly, MMAS Potential; all this procedure can even be done at a local micro-cluster level.

Such an evaluation, in a tabular form, provides operative insight into the actual positioning of the distribution phenomena in the market, by size ranking and cluster.

Trade indicators (MMAS Potential)

The timely collection of information from each Channel activity (point of sale, professional or artisan), allows instant calculation of Trade Indicators, which are then assigned to each commercial activity: namely MMAS Potential.

The totality of Trade Indicators of the commercial activities in a given territory, generates the Trade Potential of that territory.

Each distribution channel has its own definition of Trade Indicators, based upon features and weights peculiar to the sector. For instance, in the case of the MMAS Census concerning Hair Salons, the actual number of staff, in addition to the Owner, has been taken into account, as well as the square meters of the salon; whereas, in the case of the MMAS Census on Coachbuilders, we have considered the number of colour tincture machines, besides the whole of skilled workers, or even the presence of one or more coating furnaces.

Trade Indicators can be more than one per product channel and be determined with regard to specific product categories (for instance, in the MMAS Census Pharmacies, the Trade Cosmetics Index contemplates skin-care products, in addition to the presence of a qualified operator).

Zone Analysis

The combination of more territories allows to envisage more or less complex distribution scenarios that can be saved, stored and recalled at a later time, enabling the company to carry out various territorial simulations relating to sales organisation (Italy: Area Manager Scenario, Agent/Agency by Area Manager Scenario, Nielsen Area Scenario).

The Zone Analysis is an essential function of MMAS gis to better express its full potential, and namely to:

  • Define Sales Areas/Zones and display them on digital mapping
  • Check customer coverage on every single area/zone
  • Determine the MMAS Potential for each territory
  • Correlate the features of sales territories with the density of the specific Targets (Cluster Analysis)

Using the Zone Analysis allows to formulate exact procedures during the re-organisation of the Sales Network, which are constantly and easily accessible thanks to the unique power of GIS (Geographic Information System) tools to outline commercial Areas and Zones on digital mapping.

The very same simulations conducted in the traditional manner and with manual models, would require company management an astonishing amount of time, resulting in a higher possibility of error.

Selective Access to MMAS Data

Since the MMAS gis platform operates on the web, the Client Company has the opportunity to configure the number of visitors in a selective way by allocating permissions in the use of its features.

Such a configuration is undertaken on the basis of a hierarchical logic representing the company’s sales organisation.

Here are some examples:

  • The Sales Manager has access to all territories, with the opportunity to carry out operations of data processing, modification, selection and extraction
  • Area Managers have access to their territories of competence and may define salesmen’s areas by drawing up evaluation reports on the potential and peculiar characteristics of all
  • Salesmen (Dealers, Agents, Immediate Staff) may only access to personal areas of competence, with predefined options for consultation, selection and filtering, depending on specific parameters (in some cases client’s profile updating)

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