MMAS, B2B Data Accelerator

It’s been more than 30 years since MMAS System (Micro Marketing Analysis System) support many Companies in daily management activities such as:

  • GeoMarketing
  • CRM
  • Market Analysis
  • Planning of Business and Communication Strategies
  • Layout and Organisation of the Sales Force
  • Commercial Actions throughout the territory.

We provide Strategic and Operational Marketing Solutions

The MMAS System provides Strategic Marketing Solutions – Trade StrategiesOperating Marketing Marketing Actions.

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Trade Strategies, namely Strategic Marketing actions to foster the economic growth and development of your Business, such as:

Marketing Actions, namely all Operational Marketing activities supporting Brand Image and Brand Awareness so as to emerge in the market against competitors:

  • Vertical CRM – Creating and populating platforms
  • DEM (Direct eMail Marketing)
  • Social Web Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Direct Sales
  • Newsletter and Content Management
  • Uncovered Sales Area Defence
  • Trade Shows – Promoting exhibitions and events
  • Customer Service – Sales Office
  • Database Matching
  • Web Surfing and Crawling

MMAS creates value based on Data by offering Advisory Services and Database with qualified and profiled master data in order to obtain a Market Analysis as close to the Channel reality as possible.

We satisfy the demands of different Markets and create value based on Data. Advisory Services and #Database with qualified and profiled master data in order to obtain a #MarketAnalysis as close to the Channel reality as possible Click To Tweet

MMAS Census Surveys

Since its creation, the MMAS System (Micro Marketing Analysis System) has been supporting many companies in daily management activities such as: Market Analysis, Planning of Business and Communication Strategies, Layout and Organisation of the Sales Force, Commercial Actions throughout the territory.

The MMAS System stands out for being built on “MMAS Census Surveys”, specific database of each distribution channel, which are updated on a regular basis through accurate contacts with all current operators.

The MMAS system consists of:

  • High-coverage database of the specific distribution universe, with qualitative data (e.g services provided at the point of sale) and quantitative data (e.g. number of staff at the point of sale)
  • A GeoMarketing platform allowing to carry out analyses, simulations and mapping of a distribution scenario with the utmost ease
  • Operational tools and schemes promptly enabling to activate: targeted sales campaigns, digital marketing measures, business intelligence and micro-marketing analyses.

Information available in each MMAS database is continually updated through:

  • Revolving Panels of phone interviews
  • Web-desk research activities
  • Directly by any operator through the use of, the proprietary platform

The quality of the data contained in each MMAS Census, as well as their standardisation and organisation within the CRM, allow to reach the objectives in each B2B marketing operation with more accuracy and to achieve a better redemption, by optimizing investments at the same time.

The value of the projects developed over the years and of the goals shared with Corporate Clients takes life from the specific Knowledge Base brought in as a dowry by MeTMi Partners in charge of individual product sectors, in each marketing and commercial action. A development model that requires constant investment in data gathering and in the search for cutting-edge technology and digital solutions.

The MMAS system by MeTMi operates within a framework of respect for individual corporate policies, as well as for all regulations on the “Personal Data Protection Code” (PDAR – Production Delivery Accounting Register, developed under the European Regulation GDPR 679/2016.), in respect of which a specific certification is issued.

The MMAS Business Unit

To our Senior Partner Dr. Alberto Aliverti, together with Dr. Adelaide Macario, each of them in charge of definite product Sectors, is entrusted the essential mission of fostering and making the MMAS System evolve.

The MeTMi organisation is comprised of around one hundred professionals, direct employees divided between the two Companies, in Italy and Spain, besides about fifty external advisors (mainly technicians in the Information Technology and Digital Communication fields, together with several authors of scientific material for the medical area).

A deeply goal-driven environment consisting of highly Customer-oriented people and structured in four Business Units: MMAS, Voice&Web, Medical Evidence and eLearning Lab.
The above Business Units constantly implement fresh projects thanks to the work generated by the Staff Units, such as: IT Information Technology, Web Graphic and Design, Inbound Contact Center, Outbound Contact Center, Finance & Cost Control, namely operational structures serving all business divisions.



Conversely, other more peculiar sectors are supervised by Partner Companies or by individual Advisors with specific experience.

The MMAS System approach

The MMAS system is focused on the use of qualified databases of the individual channels and is organized in different Applicative Solutions:

  • MMAS db, the qualified SMEs database of each macro area product channel, resulting from the census survey (one to one) of every single Activity operating in it
  • MMAS gis, the GeoMarketing instrument enabling mapping, smooth segmentation and setting of definite targets
  • KubettONE, the digital communication instrument targeting Trade and Professional market so as to convey promotional messages, generate qualified leads and give additional impulse to sales
  • MMAS bi models, the Business Intelligence tools for the analysis and setting of KPIs – Key Performance Indicators – for sales networks
  • MMAS insight research, the unique models of ad-hoc studies on professional channels, which are performed and accomplished thanks to the exclusive capacity of the MMAS Census to outline and measure each specific universe.