MMAS Census surveys in the Technical Market segment were created in 1996, responding to the needs of companies belonging to the thermo-hydraulic market to know the number of industry operators on the national territory and to identify them, mainly in the Professional division (installers).

Nonetheless, as early as 2003-2004, the sector was further enhanced thanks to the implementation of MMAS Census surveys relative to more channels:

  • Plumbing and Heating Installers,
  • Hydro-thermo-sanitary wholesalers and Show Rooms,
  • Electrical Installation companies and Electricians,
  • Ironmongery,
  • Hardware and tooling stores,
  • Retailers of Building materials,
  • Architectural Firms
  • Dealer professional Cleaning.

The Companies having shown greater interest for MMAS Technical Market databases are: heating and plumbing producers, manufacturers of electrical components and lighting products, furnishing manufacturers, experts in energy saving advice, producers of pipes, fittings and useful accessories for hydraulic systems, tooling, adhesives and sealants, construction chemicals, accident prevention, varnishes and coatings, manufacturers of articles for hardware and DIY.

Owing to the scope and size of the investigation universes, MMAS Technical Market Census surveys prove to be very specialized vertically and different in their contents.
As a rule:

  • In Professional channels (MMAS Plumbing and Heating Installers, MMAS Electricians, MMAS Architectural Firms) all the pertaining activities are interviewed and profiled essentially on the basis of their specialisation, technical skills and type of customer; important information on the individual organisational structure is also gathered, such as: number of staff or professionals, sqm of office space, sqm of potential warehousing facilities, car fleet available for the activity
  • In Traditional Trade channels (MMAS Hydro-thermo-sanitary Wholesalers and Show Rooms, Hardware and Tooling stores, Retailers of Building materials) the various retail points are conversely qualified depending on specific data such as: type of sale (retail or wholesale), sale at the counter and/or presence of a showroom, type and share of customers (professional or private), choice of purchasing channels; important information on the individual organisational structure is also collected, such as: number of staff and possible incidental sellers, sqm covered or uncovered warehouse.

The whole of these details are useful for the creation of Trade Potential Indicators that are vital to design and generate effective and targeted marketing/sales efforts.

In addition, since during each MMAS Technical Market Census, Top of Mind declarations are gathered, relative to the chiefly treated Brands then recommended to end customers, it is likewise possible to formulate Brand Penetration Indicators, both numeric and pondered, at a national level or by territory.

Among the different case histories in the Technical Market segment, it is very interesting to mention a study carried out to size the Italian market of pre-mixed mortars; as well as Business Intelligence projects in the hardware sector, aimed at restoring the balance of the zones, in order to maximise the efficiency of the sales and distribution network.

The Product Sector includes the following census surveys:

  • MMAS Plumbing and Heating Installers (n° 19.100)
  • MMAS Electrical Installation companies (n° 12.000)
  • MMAS Hardware and Tooling stores (n° 8.000)
  • MMAS Retailers of Building materials (n°5.400)
  • MMAS Hydro-thermo-sanitary Wholesalers and Show Rooms (n° 2.900)
  • MMAS Architectural Firms (n° 9.000)
  • MMAS Dealer professional Cleaning (n° 700)
  • Contact:
  • Phone: +39 02 38073 204